ATV/ Four Wheeler Insurance?

With so many different markets to choose from, Steers Insurance is able to place almost any ATV, 4 wheeler, side-by-side, or argo with one of our companies. Our long standing relationships with so many Ontario insurance companies makes it easy to find you the right ATV insurance policy or coverage for any of your other all terrain vehicles.

Our Nova Scotia ATV Insurance Coverage
Finding the right ATV insurance coverage can be difficult. There are many different factors that can affect your insurance rating.

Did you know that your driving record will also apply to your ATV insurance rating? When it comes to the ATV itself the rates are typically dependant on the cc’s, size, number of passengers and the year it was manufactured. Similarly to an auto insurance policy, the longer you have been driving conviction or claims-free the better rate you can expect. When receiving an ATV insurance quote keep in mind you may qualify for insurance discounts if you bundle your ATV with your home and auto.

Our ATV Insurance Promise
Providing top of the line service for our clients is what we do.

Protect yourself and your all terrain vehicle by contacting Steers Insurance or getting a free online quote.

FAQ ATV Insurance
Is it mandatory to carry insurance on my ATV?

If you use your ATV on public property or to cross public roads you must have it insured, by law in Nova Scotia. If you only use your ATV on private property it is not mandatory, however, it is recommended.

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Why Use an Insurance Broker?

Insurance brokers do not work for an insurance company, they work for you.  That’s the key thing that separates them from all other purchase options.  It means you have more advice, more choice, better pricing and a representative that’s on your side in the event of a claim.


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